Financial Empowerment through Microfinance

The Magang Community is located in the Bicol Region, Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines. Purok 3 (Town) will be the first town to be addressed in the Magang community development project.

Project Manager: Raquel Sto Domingo

Project Description
Magang is a barangay in the municipality of Daet in the province of Camarines Norte situated in the Bicol region.   We will work in collaboration and partnership with Connect City Church Philippines, local Government Agencies and other NGO's.
There are 25 Puroks (towns) in Magang and we will start with one town (Purok 3).    The success of the livelihood program in Purok 3 will pave the way for the livelihood program to spread throughout all the 25 Puroks of Magang.
Purok 3 (town) is a poor and under-privileged community with little access to Barangay programs and water district. Most of the houses in Purok 3 are situated in a private land in which they are categorised as "squatters". Their source of living comes from driving public utility tricycle, carpentry, planting vegetables to sell in the market, care-giving and some offer services in the Barangay Hall as health worker volunteers.
Similar to the Badjao community, micro financing is the proposed project for Magang community.  It is lending small capital for families who wants to earn a living or an additional source of income for the family, which is supported by trainings to support the families in their business endeavours.
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